Strippers. Las Vegas. Synonyms?

Just a piece i wrote about me and my girlfriend’s awesome vegas trip!


2012 Gentlemen’s Club Owners’ EXPO Review by:  Mary Coyle


Strippers. Las Vegas. Synonyms?  Perhaps.  That certainly seemed to be the case last week at the 20th Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners’ EXPO in Las Vegas.

The first time I was ever truly exposed to this ‘industry’ was this past summer at the 2012 Exotic Dancer National Championships in Atlanta, Georgia.  This was something I had never witnessed; something no one could ever prepare for-an experience in its most primal sense.  The only paralleling likeness to offer would be that of a child in awe at their first circus-lights, music, fire, water, trapeze, flips and tricks.  Replacing all the ‘G’ rated-ness with a much more ‘Adult’ experience; Dubstep, naked girls breathing fire, contorting their bodies, showering in glitter water, climbing poles and flipping through hoops, the defiance of gravity before my very eyes – giving physics a big ‘Fuck You!’  These entertainers crawl, thrust and gyrate between stage ends, seducing and tantalizing their audience. I never knew exotic dancing like this, on this level. I digress.

Now, months later I’ve found myself returning to that whimsical state of being- coexistence among the exotic; dancers that is.  The Gentlemen’s EXPO was sheer stimulant, catalyzed by the Las Vegas location.  The EXPO was held at the gorgeous Mandalay Bay, where I stayed for the duration. Arriving August 26th, Sunday – I headed to Déjà Vu Showgirls; that’s where all the cool kids were that night, i.e. Tony Batman, Ricky Rich, Stevie Taylor, The Evil Pin-Ups, Krystle Cummings, Aspen Reign, Teri Weigel – need I say more? Taking place was the Miss Exotic United States contest.

Déjà vu Showgirls offers an intimate lounge-like interior; couches and cushioned armchairs, low lighting, island stages and one main stage equipped with three poles. People became shadows as the lights lowered even more while the performers took the stage, creating full engagement between dancer and audience; complete captivation.  The best part of Déjà vu, as a club, was the design and attention to detail.  Well, almost the best part, of course we are all there for the beautiful and talented ladies!  Curtain closes on the first Vegas night.

August 27, in the p.m., Put on my tie and jacket – Opening night party at Mandalay’s Private Beach Side Casino followed by Eyecandy Sound Lounge & Bar inside Mandalay Bay.  The former was a little boring, I’m not big into gambling; but the space was beautiful and the food delicious.  Personally, this event’s main purpose was to procure after-party goers.  Fast-forward to Eyecandy.  This is where the real fun commenced, exotic dancers in their natural habitat- a dance floor, loud music, flashing lights, full bar and scantly clad beautiful women dancing among each other, while ogling dudes hovered the sidelines; occasionally a brave one would break through.

High School all over again; I guess that’s only fitting considering the EXPO’s theme:  ‘Class Reunion.’  I had the pleasure of observing this from the ‘cool kids table.’  Sitting there, gazing out into the dancing crowd, it was quite obvious who was with whom, little clicks here and there.  You have your ‘Vets’ who’d been in the scene for quite some time, your new comers – just happy to be there, your dancers and your porn stars; and of course the hybridized porn-star-dancers.  This was an amazing grouping of people, and a blast!

August 28th, in the a.m. – On the EXPO floor are the essentials for any adult nightclub:  girls, alcohol, poles, interactive stages, black light designed carpeting, couches, barstools, sex toys, lingerie.  Beyond the deconstruction of a club, are the people inhabiting this EXPO.  The most significant part of any business is the people who make it happen, and that was the company amongst you.  Attending the EXPO you are surrounded by the most talented people in the industry; which ranges from dancers, to agents, to vendors, to DJs, to photographers. Essentially, networking at its finest.

That evening- off to the ED Awards Show at The Orleans Hotel and Casino, in style; stretch Hummer and bus limos for all! Such an amazing night, red carpet upon entry, drinks once inside, followed by the gut busting hilarity of comedian Pablo Francisco and then the Awards.  It was great to see the pairing of presenters, to hear all the heart felt acceptance speeches, and to witness the tremendous gratitude shared amongst colleagues. Not to mention the sensational performances by a few of the top Feature Entertainers in the industry.

As if this entire day could not get any better – insert – Hugh Hefner Sky Villa Palms Casino Resort!  This was by far the coolest place I’ve ever been!  An outdoor pool overlooking the city, rotating bed on the second floor, open bar AND a pole contest!  #bestdayever.

August 29th, Wednesday -Yes, this was a rough morning; however, this was Vegas, this was what we all signed up for!  The last day on the EXPO floor, everyone was buzzing about the previous day’s events, new friends reacquainting with one another; closing with yet another pole contest.  Do these girls ever stop working?  I think we all know the answer to that.

Concluding the past few extraordinary days was the closing party and Feature Entertainer Showcase, held at Larry Flint’s Hustler Club.  This club is massive; inside is Vegas’ largest sex shop, the world’s tallest stripper pole, a second story glass stage, and the list can certainly go on!  While at the club I enjoyed Bottle Service with great new friends, which was then followed by the Male Revue.  The performer on stage could definitely give Channing Tatum a run for his money; completely nailed the ‘junk grind,’ just ask Stevie Taylor!  She joined the performer on stage for a quick cameo.  We decided, after that, to head back out and see the girls.  The Showcase performances were the perfect ending to an amazing EXPO.

Strippers. Las Vegas. Synonyms?  Hell Yes!


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