Straightjacket Romance

*This video contains Mature/Adult content (nudity).

Mary Coyle – in her reoccurring role as a suited man. Coyle inserts herself into the work as ‘actor,’ allowing for the re-invention of self through stereotypes. Issues of identity and gender are brought into question.
Straightjacket Romance shows Coyle growing within her role, expanding her setting and cast.  The video was part of a group show which Coyle co-curated, at Pterodactyl Philadelphia entitled ‘All Along The Watchtower’ – 9/27/13 – 10/25/13.  The theme of the show was villainy, for Coyle the villain is the self, identity, societal norms, gender roles, fantasy, and stereotypes.  Straightjacket Romance was installed within a series of drawings, which were formatted as if they were a page inside an over-sized comic book.  The drawings are appropriated from Roy Lichtenstein’s paintings based on the comic book series, ‘Girls’ Romance.’

Click here to see the installed drawing of Straightjacket Romance.

(Credit:  Stevie Taylor as Her, the Blonde.  Musical Credit: Nero My Eyes, Innocence).